How to care for a female dog in heat

How to care for a female dog in heat
TIME OF THE MONTH: Whimpering and panting is not unusual for a female dog in heat Photo credit Pixabay

FEMALES dogs that aren’t spayed go into season or into heat approximately every 6 months.

The heat cycle for a female dog lasts about 3 weeks. During that time, her vulva will swell and she will have a bloody discharge.

While she is in heat your dog will be constantly releasing pheromones, which will attract all the male dogs in your neighbourhood.

Do not leave your female dog alone outdoors when she is in heat. Male dogs will become aggressive and have been known to dig and jump fences to mate. Keeping your female indoors will help eliminate the fear of unwanted puppies or attacks by neighbourhood males.

However, keeping the female dog inside while she is in heat can also be inconvenient as the discharge can be quite messy. The best option is to keep your female indoors and confined to an area where the discharge won’t be a problem to clean up, such as a tiled or concrete area. Baby gates are an easy way to confine your dog without putting her behind a closed door.

If you crate your female while she is in heat it is important to place the crate where she will be able to spend time with “her” people and also to let her out to exercise. You don’t want your dog to feel as if she is being punished. Another option is to purchase what are known as dog panties, to contain the discharge and avoid messes.

Your female dog may display several aggressive behaviours with other pets in the home while she is in heat. This includes a pushy attitude, shouldering aside other pets, humping and basically attempting to dominate the others. This is a temporary problem and will subside when she goes out of heat.

In the meantime, separation from the other animals is one option, or letting them figure it out on their own is another. This is nature; animals communicate and display their place in the ‘pack’ the way nature dictates.

So, if your easy-going female suddenly begins acting like a bully, the other animals will either accept the temporary insanity or they will put her in her place.

A female dog in heat will be easily agitated and may pace restlessly during this time. This is not unusual, nor is the whimpering and panting. These are just some of the symptoms of her being in heat, and if she isn’t allowed to breed can be very frustrating to her and you.

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