Injured policeman receives compensation

Injured policeman receives compensation
Police office injured by girl biting his finger. Picture credit:

A 16-YEAR-OLD girl has been ordered to pay €364 in compensation to a police officer after biting one of his fingers.

The young woman will have to pay out the sum after assaulting an agent who tried to detain her after she escaped from a young offenders’ institute in Malaga.

The girl, who is from Cadiz, had absconded from the centre on Avenida Miraflores de Los Angeles and travelled home.  Her father called the local police to report his daughter.  When two officers turned up the girl became aggressive, breaking a window and hitting the men.

One agent was bitten on the first finger of his right hand, causing a wound which took seven days to heal.

A juvenile court sentenced the girl to six months hospitalisation in a semi-open centre and a year of probation in addition to the compensation, finding her guilty of assault and causing injury.

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