It’s off to Ecuador we go…

It's off to Ecuador we go.
READY TO GO: Solvieres leaves for Ecuador on Monday Photo credit Benissa Ayuntamiento

A MARINA ALTA hiker will travel to Ecuador to map and establish four hiking routes to help the country boost its tourism offering.

Miguel Angel Soliveres, from Benissa, will volunteer for 22 days in the Canari Village together with La Fons Valencia per la Solidaritat (The Valencian Fund for Solidarity).

Solvieres is best-known as one of the founders of theprueba de La Perimetral– a series of mountain trail races that have become a benchmark in the Valencian Community – and is an expert in the field of hiking.

He has spent hours, days and weeks preparing for the trip to Ecuador and has forgone his yearly holiday, recognising the trip as “a vital experience, an incredible opportunity for someone who loves hiking.”

The Valencian Fund for Solidarity was created to contribute to the development of impoverished countries as well as to raise awareness among Valencian society, on a local level, of the problems faced in South America.

LoliVicens – another resident of Benissa – travelled to the Canari Village with the Valencian Fund for Solidarity in 2013.

Vicens, who works in tourism at the Benissa Ayuntamiento, helped the village with its strategic tourism plan.

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