La Nucia expects 50 per cent growth in 20 years

50 per cent growth in 20 years
SLOW BUT SUSTAINABLE: Earlier estimates predicted a population in La Nucia of 46,000 by the 2030s Photo credit Museo del Turismo

LA NUCIA has temporarily suspended new building licences and urban development in areas affected by the new General Structure Plan (PGO).

This in turn goes a step further towards passing the new General Urban Development Plan (PGOU) which will provide measures for protecting 60 per cent of the town’s land, according to municipal sources. This replaces the current development plan which dates from 1988.

The new PGOU is based on sustainable growth, predicting an increase of 10,000 inhabitants over the next 20 years, growing from the present 20,000 to 30,000.

This is a more conservative and sustainable figure than earlier estimates which foresaw a population of 46,000 by the 2030s, the same sources revealed.

Areas earmarked for growth are both inside the town in the Planet area, as well as La Nucia’s outlying urbanisations. The town hall also intends to set aside land for non-residential development with a view to attract industry and commerce.

A ‘significant’ amount of land has also been allocated for health centres and schools.

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