Liquid cocaine found in shampoo bottles in Alicante-Elche airport

WAS I WORTH IT?: Liquid cocaine discovered in shampoo bottles Photo credit: Guardia Civil

TWO PEOPLE have been arrested in Alicante-Elche Airport for attempted smuggling.

Guardia Civil officers detained a 30-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman – both holding Brazilian nationality – when they were found in possession of just over eight kilograms of liquid cocaine.

Customs officers based in the area that controls international arrivals to Alicante-Elche via Madrid became suspicious of the behaviour of a young woman awaiting to collect her baggage.  They saw that she was travelling with a young man and each one eventually picked up their suitcases and headed for the green area.

They were stopped by the officers who after checking the labels that indicated their journey began in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil decided to interview them separately to verify the reasons for their visit to Spain and how long they planned to stay.

Discrepancies in the interviews linked to the demeanour of the suspects led the officers to x-ray the cases where each contained a similar suspicious shape.

They found the shapes to be the flexible cool bags taken to the beach, but in this case it wasn’t water or a few cans of beer kept cold but a selection of bottles containing shampoo, cream and mouthwash which raised the suspicions further.  Extra inspection of the containers revealed that they all held liquid cocaine which was planned to get through customs controls without being detected.

The two offenders have already been sent to prison on the orders of a judge in an Elche court.

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