Local police show big hearts

Local police show big hearts
POLICE officers cooked for a 90-year-old woman in need.

POLICE officers cooked for a 90-year-old woman in need.

Carmen Murciano and Antonio Lavado were patrolling in Velez-Malaga when they received an alert about an elderly lady who claimed to have fallen in her home.

Nonagenarian, Blanca, of Torre del Mar was found not to have fallen but had made the call because her carer, who usually attends between 10am and 3pm, had not arrived and she had been left unfed since the previous day and had only had a glass of milk during the night.

The pensioner who has home help and a night time carer had lied to the telecare service about her fall because she did not believe that anyone would come otherwise.

Blanca has no mental problems but suffers greatly with her mobility and cannot get around her house easily.

She told the police that she was hungry and that she could not cook because she was unable to enter the kitchen alone.

The officers saw that there was bacon, eggs and cheese available and made the decision to prepare it for the famished old lady.

Whilst one of the officers cooked the meal, the other went out and purchased some bread to have with it.

The 90-year-old has a day carer for six out of seven days and usually spends Sundays alone but the kind officers have paid her several visits since, including Sundays during their own time.

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