Malaga flood danger

Flood danger

EMASA has warned one of Malaga’s underground pipes risks flooding the city.

Antonio Talon, the company’s project manager, claimed a “strong downpour” could see the city’s historic centre flooded. The company has now revealed proposals to improve drainage in a series of works costing €150 million.  The project would include extending and diverting pipes, creating rainwater storage, reforestation and adapting underwater streams.

Meanwhile, it has emerged Emasa water bills will rise to meet the costs of a €130.7 million bill to improve the city’s water supply and sanitation works.

Malaga’s Mayor, Francisco de la Torre, explained “there is no other way out,” after it emerged no European funds were available to pick up the tab, before saying he had asked opposing political parties to use “strategic vision” and help approve the measure after claims party Ciudadnos was “sharply against” the proposal.”

De la Torre added once the measure was passed, “residents will be informed about what works will be done and when they would begin.” He explained if prices were raised they would be done so incrementally over a period of 20 years, eventually reaching around 20 cents per cubic metre of water.  A similar system was put in place between 1992 and 2009 when bills were raised to finance 136 infrastructure projects.

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