Malaga National Police units dispatched to Cataluña

Malaga National Police units dispatched to Cataluña
Crowds cheering the departure of the Malaga contingent to Barcelona Photo Caption: Miguel Marfil/Twitter

REINFORCEMENTS adding to Spanish police stationed in Cataluña have been sent from across Spain, with eight vans from the Malaga National Police Intervention Unit (IPU) being cheered as they departed.

Barcelona was the heart of the Republican movement during the Civil War and Cataluña had various degrees of autonomy over the past several hundred years as well as periods of conquest and loss of status.

Once again, the country is split by ideological differences and even in Cataluña, there is no guarantee that if the independence referendum actually goes ahead that there will be an enormous turnout or that those wishing for independence from Spain will be successful.

Reports are now being received that whilst the Spanish government is able to have referendum websites taken down anywhere in the European Union, Russian hackers have stepped in to provide links to the banned website.

Despite everything that the government has done to enforce what it considers  the rule of law, the situation will only become clearer on Sunday when either a large number of people turn out to vote or it becomes something of a damp squib with the government managing to shut down polling stations.

One thing is however certain and that is that a schism has opened up within Spain which will be difficult if not impossible to heal in the foreseeable future.

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