Malaga stabbing spate

malaga hospital
The Malaga Regional Hospital

A 26-YEAR-OLD Spanish man has been arrested for attempted murder after stabbing a man in the stomach and chest in Malaga.

The alleged culprit was caught by National Police officers several hours after the attack, which took place on Calle Fernan Nuñez.  The victim was taken to the Malaga Regional Hospital where he received stitches to several stab wounds.

The stabbing is the latest of several across the Costa del Sol with a man, aged 30, injured in a knifing at the Malaga feria.

The man remains in Intensive Care (ICU) at the Malaga Regional Hospital but is now breathing without medical intervention and is expected to be moved out of the ICU.

The stab victim received multiple stab wounds to his neck, chest and abdomen at around 10pm at the feria between Postigo de Arance and Calle Carreteria. At last year’s feria, police confiscated 21 knives and seized 417 narcotic substances.

Meanwhile, a seafront knife fight in Fuengirola left four wounded with the victims, aged between 21 and 29, hospitalised with knife wounds.

Nine people were arrested of Spanish and Maghreb origin after a fight broke out at around 6am on Calle Martinez Catena.

Of the four in hospital, a twenty-one-year-old is expected to live but remains the most seriously injured after he received deep stab wounds to his neck and forearm.  The other three received injuries to various parts of their body but were not considered to be in a critical condition.

The National Police have started an investigation into the fight but have already identified those involved and are now working out each person’s involvement, as well as who started the confrontation and whether any other weapons, including bottles, were used.

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