Man smashes police car window

Police Car
IN PIECES: The man smashed the window with his feet Photo credit: Wikipedia

A MAN who was arrested for threatening behaviour in Calpe broke the back window of the police car he was taken away in.

The man was initially warned by police officers in the early hours of the morning after they came across him threatening members of the public.

Undeterred by the police presence and instead further incensed, the man proceeded to a nearby bottle bin and took a bottle, threatening to attack the members of the public and the police officers with it should they come near him.

The police officers took action and used pepper spray to deter the man, putting him in handcuffs and into the police car.

In the police car, the man continued to act aggressively, banging his head and feet on the screen separating him and the officers and finally breaking the car’s back window.

He was rushed to the health centre where he was tranquilised before being taken to the Guardia Civil station in Calpe.

Despite the aggression shown by the man, none of the police officers nor staff at the health centre were hurt.

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