Marina Alta theft network bust

Marina Alta theft network bust
DUBIOUS ORIGIN: Various items were found at the addresses Photo credit Guardia Civil

THE Guardia Civil of Alicante arrested three men – aged 19, 21 and 35 and is investigating two women – aged 27 and 48, all of them of Bulgarian and Lithuanian nationality, in connection to a string of robberies across Benissa, El Verger and Teulada.

The investigation was initiated after a mechanic’s workshop in Teulada was broken into.

CCTV footage showed several men breaking the windows of the workshop to gain entry and stealing a number of items.

The men also broke the front window of a van inside the workshop and stole several items from it and tried to start a car with the intention of stealing it, but its lack of fuel prevented them from doing so.

Upon viewing the CCTV footage, officers recognised one of the thieves as he had previously been arrested for theft.

A surveillance operation was initiated and the Guardia Civil arrested the man at his home in Teulada.

At his home, officers found two Bulgarian women and another of the alleged thieves, who was arrested.

The Guardia Civil found several bicycles at the property, which had been reported stolen from various urbanisations around El Verger.

As the investigation continued, officers became aware of another address in Benissa, where they found the items stolen from the mechanic’s workshop along with other items of dubious origin.

Here, the Guardia Civil arrested a Lithuanian man who belonged to the network.

The value of the seized stolen items, including bicycles, computers, television and various mechanical material amounts to €8,500.

The men were charged with seven counts of robbery with force, stealing from a vehicle and possession of stolen goods. The women are still being investigated.

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