Meet Patricia

Meet Patricia
PRIDE, RESPECT AND HOPE: Patricia Helen Ropohl (neeBray) Photo credit Patricia Helen Ropohl (neeBray)

NEXT Wednesday (September 20), THE ARTS SOCIETY -MARINA ALTA (formerly MAFAS: Marina Alta Fine Arts Society)will host an arts fair at El Canor in Teulada to celebrate the artistic talent of the area.

Around 40 Marina Alta artists will showcase their work, including Patricia Helen Ropohl (neeBray), who lives and works between Calpe & Benissa.

Patricia is the daughter of Capt. John William Bray of the Royal Canadian Regiment (known in Calpe as “Canada Jack”).  Always proud of – and encouraging – his daughter’s pursuit of the arts, John took Patricia to all the great galleries of Europe and saw to it that she applied to study at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto – it was the school that he would have attended had he not joined the army and gone to war in Korea at the tender age of 20.

John subsequently made the military his career, climbing the ranks to officer. He passed away in Calpe in 2009.

Patricia today, is not only an award-winning painter, but also works with ceramics and will be offering her handmade poppies at the arts fair.

She says:

“The ceramic poppies that I create are not a copy of the ones made famous by the artist Paul Cummins, displayed at the tower of London in 2014, but a personal extension of his work, now made my own. The experiences and horrors my father lived through during the Korean War kept him company his lifelong. That the poppy is for the British and the Canadians, a symbol of recognition of our servicemen, respect for all mankind and hope for peace. This beautiful, gentle wild flower becomes a carpet of orange-red in fields each spring all over the world, bringing pleasure to everyone and it is these combinations of sentiments that goes into each ceramic flower I create.”

Each poppy is tagged with a copy of the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae, with a percentage of every one sold going with pride to the Calpe Branch of the Royal British Legion.

For images and information on Patricia’s work, check out

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