My Burger Kingdom for a horse

FOOD OF KINGS: Hungry rider stuns customers. Photo credit: Twitter

IMAGINE the scene.  People are quietly enjoying their lunch of a burger and chips in a local Burger King and they casually look outside the window and see a horse joining the queue of the drive-through service.  Yes, a horse.

At first, it was believed to be a publicity stunt, a practical joke of the kind the late Jeremy Beadle would carry out, or even part of a film set.  But it was simply a case that the rider wanted a take-away from the popular fast-food chain based in Pilar de la Horadada and took their place in the line.

A selection of images found their way onto social media outlets and have since gone viral.

Official information supplied by Burger King says that this particular outlet can seat 132 diners, but says nothing about horses.  It’s not known what the horse ordered but whatever it was, onlookers said the horse and its owner were served at a gallop.

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