New Subbuteo club

New Subbuteo club
GET INVOLVED: The game is popular all over the world Photo credit Pixabay

SUBBUTEO players old and young are invited to the Palau Municipal D’Esport tomorrow (Saturday) as the Subbuteo club’s new season starts.

The newly-formed club welcomes novices along with seasoned Subbuteo players of all nationalities.

Subbuteo is a classic finger-flicking football-simulation action game. It is played on a large cloth playing field called a ‘pitch’, with teams of miniature football players mounted on smooth round bases. The football players are made to kick the ball by flicking their bases, which causes them to slide around on the pitch, hitting the ball. The rules simulate nearly all details of a soccer game including ball possession and passing, throw-ins, goal kicks and corner kicks. There is even a large section in the rules devoted to fouling.

What makes the game different from most other table top sports games are the hundreds of team kits and accessories. While most games feature only two teams, Subbuteo has several hundred team designs, almost all representing real teams.

There are also many additional accessories, such as new balls and goals, special figures for free kicks and throw-ins, stands and crowd, linesmen, ball-boys, streakers and policemen, floodlights, TV cameras and even a mini-Her Majesty the Queen to present the FA Cup.

Doors will be open from 10.00am – 2.00pm and going forward, the club will meet every Saturday, hoping to arrange competitions, leagues and the like.

For more information, head down to the Palau Municipal D’Esport tomorrow or get in touch with Pascual – 654 887 301 / [email protected].

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