No bail for drunk-drugged N-332 cyclist-killer

No bail for drunk-drugged N-332 cyclist-killer
HANGING HER HEAD IN SHAME: The twenty-something will remain in custody until trial Photo credit Twitter

A JUDGE has refused provisional bail for the woman who killed three cyclists and severely injured another two as she ploughed her Ford Mondeo head-first into them on the N-332 whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The 28-year-old Spanish woman from Gandia has been held in custody since the accident in May and is awaiting trial.

She is charged with triple reckless homicide and two crimes of causing injury by serious recklessness.

Her lawyer addressed a letter to the judge in early June requesting that the woman be released on provisional bail until the trial.

He claimed she did not pose a flight-risk and said she would appear at court on a weekly-basis to sign a register.

The judge refuted the lawyers claims and refused provisional bail, saying the woman poses a threat to public safety.

At the time of the accident, not only was the woman under the influence of alcohol and drugs but she was also banned from driving.

She was arrested at the scene and sent straight into custody – just two days later she claimed to ‘remember nothing’.

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