On ‘yer bike… if you can find one

VANDALISED: People in Murcia bemoaning lack of bikes. Photo credit: Twitter

CYCLES available for the members of the public in the city of Murcia have been vandalised or stolen.

‘MuyBici’ the company behind the scheme that allows people to rent a bicycle to get around town and return them to a series of drop-off points have said that during this summer, more than 500 bikes have needed repair.  When the rental zones were checked earlier this week, only 19 of the 59 areas had any bike in them available for hire.

The lack of bikes for the regular users has made its way onto social media with complaints aimed at MuyBici.  The manager of the company, Carlos Baile, explained that they had taken advantage of the end of the main tourist season to repair as many of the vandalised cycles as possible which will join the 150 new bikes that have recently been purchased.

Despite all their efforts at the repair and the replacement of the fleet which will continue to be renewed over the coming days, the vandalism continues and a perfect example of this was finding six of the bikes dumped in the outskirts of the city.  Carlos Baile said that this was becoming a daily occurrence.  Because of this, a dedicated group of employees from MuyBici is now out and about collecting these abandoned bikes.

Further action, such as the installation of CCTV cameras operating in the points with most incidents is being considered.

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