‘Onedin Line’ ship in trouble

AVAST: Pascual Flores may need significant investment. Photo credit: Wikimedia

THE ICONIC ship that adorns the harbour of Torrevieja, the Pascual Flores, is now in a perilous state.

The replica of the sailing ship that famously featured in the successful BBC TV series The Onedin Line had a tilting mizzen mast which was likely to collapse at any moment.  Torrevieja council had the 4,000 kilo wooden structure taken down by a large crane and at the same time would be reviewing the overall safety and condition of the vessel.

The fear is that the other two masts are in a similar state and it’s also been revealed that the ship has sunk a further metre into the water due to the rotting hull.

The replica ship cost the Torrevieja council €4.5m when it arrived in the city 10 years ago and Torrevieja councillor Domingo Pérez said that a full evaluation will shortly take place to see what needs repairing and how much it will cost to make it able to fully sail again.

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