Optica Machin – A new era of Transition lenses

A new era of Transition lenses
A new era of Transition lenses

LIGHT-ADAPTIVE lenses – also known as photochromics – are entering a brand new era. Whilst fashion now dictates brighter coloured frames with colourful lenses, Transitions Optical, the makers of the most famous light-adaptive lenses, have launched a new collection of style-driven colours for those demanding a new, stylish and sophisticated final product.

Two new Transition products were launched in May this year. Firstly the new Style Colours lenses, which are available in Sapphire, Amber, Emerald and Amethyst. They darken to produce statement tones that will enhance both a matching frame colour or provide a very stylish dramatic contrast.

Worn indoors the experience is that of wearing normal glasses, with a clear, high-quality lens. The tone changes quickly outside providing immediate UV protection with the trendy tinted coloration, chic and comfortable to wear whether gently faded (a popular look for summer) or at their darkest when the glasses transform ‘magically’ into shades.

Secondly Transitions Extractive Flash to Mirror lenses, a combination of Transitions technology and a mirror finish. Style comfort and visual protection, which allows you to follow the fashion trend and look after your eyes. Indoors they have a slight tint and once outside change to a mirrored sunglass lens. Available in a variety of colours, the choices are endless.

To launch these new lenses, we are including them in our LOVE YOUR EYES Summer offer which is only running until 30th September 2017. This gives 25% off all complete prescription sunglasses when you purchase a frame of 99€ or more.
(excluding other offers).

For more information or to book an appointment contact us at
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