Property boundary questions and answers

Property boundary questions and answers
Property boundary questions and answers

Hello my name is Mr. Smith and I have bought a second-hand property in Teulada. I had a lot of discussions with my Spanish neighbour about the boundaries of my property and I want to know which are the boundaries. What can I do?

The Catastro is where the “legal maps” are registered and will give you the boundaries, the exact location of the property (usually in a visual form), size and description of the property, usually with maps, location, and drawings and use of the property.

1. First of all you have to find out the Referencia catastral = Catastral reference number it is a very large number (around 14 numbers and 6 letters) that number appears in two places.

a. On the Deeds of your property (as referencia catastral)
b.-IBI (local tax) is a municipal tax which has to be paid every year by owners of homes, premises, garages or plots, ie, any urban property or buildings and also by owners of agricultural land or buildings.
2. Go to the web page and click in Consulta de Datos Catastrales.
Referencia Catastral

Referencia Catastral

3. Put the number with the letters of your house where is (*)Referencia catastral

Referencia catastral

4. Then click in Datos consulta descriptiva y grafica an will appear this :

Datos consulta descriptiva y grafica

5. If you click in Cartografia and then in Cartografia catastral you will see an official cartographic map of your property. In this map there is a menu at the top of the map.
6. And just at the right of the symbol “M” there is a ruler mesure with red color click in and now you can mesure the boundaries of you property. You also have a 3D view.

7. In the menu of cartography also you can find photos of the property and other visual like goole earth for this you have to
a. Click in Cartografia
b. Gml croquis for plantas (fxcc)
c. descarga klm

8. Compare the Deeds with the map and the real situation. If the boundaries or the size of the property are not like in the map contact us and we will help you. Please note that the information in this article has been given considering the details provided by the reader, please contact us for specfic information, our work requires study of the corresponding documentation to give you the best legal advice.

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