Puppy mill mothers rescued

Puppy mill mothers rescued
Puppy mill mothers rescued

MAKING a total of 16 recently rescued, Pets in Spain animal charity has taken in three more puppy farm mothers from an illegal puppy mill.

Made to endure a life of just pregnancy and producing puppies, they were kept in cages in a filthy outdoor shed all of their lives and forcibly impregnated every six months to produce puppies to sell. Now aged between five and seven-years-old they were to be discarded due to ill health and taken to be put down.

Pets in Spain animal charity collaborates with animal groups in Spain to free these used and abused puppy mothers and fathers who are treated like machines, and take them into foster homes, provide them with all necessary veterinary treatment, care and rehabilitation.

One of these mothers has tumours in her mammary glands; this occurs frequently in un-spayed female dogs. Another has proved positive for Leishmaniasis, and when they are well enough all will need surgery which will include sterilisation.

An appeal for donations to help the charity fund veterinary treatment for rescued puppy farm dogs has been launched. Pets in Spain is a registered charity in Spain run entirely by volunteers, and they do not receive any local or regional government funding.

Charity registration CIF No. G-54669262

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