Q & A: Registering in Spain


Q : What is the NIE number and do I need one if I am staying in Spain?

A :The NIE number (Número de identificación de Extranjeros), is the abbreviation  given for the Identification Number for Foreigners.

The Spanish law requires foreigners to obtain an identification number for several different transactions in Spain, such as purchasing or selling a property, having a mortgage, buying a car or motorcycle, pay taxes in Spain, etc.

However if you are a tourist (non-resident in Spain) and you will not be making these type of transactions, then there is no need for you to obtain one.

Please note this is only general information for your perusal. The NIE number procedure in Spain has changed very often in the past years and might do in the future.  We highly recommend you to discuss it with your lawyer for an up-to-date and accurate advice.

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