Costa Blanca recycling figures tripled in just two years

Recycling figures tripled in just two years
A HOME FOR EVERYTHING: There are now more than 300 recycling stations across Calpe Photo credit Wikimedia

CALPE has tripled its recycling figures for packaging and doubled the amount of cardboard collected since 2015.

During the first half of 2017, Acciona – the cleaning and waste management concessionary – collected 216 tonnes of packaging in comparison to 59.48 tonnes two years ago. 259.22 tonnes of cardboard were collected in comparison to 118.12 tonnes in 2015.

The city says the increase is down to the reorganisation of the service in 2015, which saw over 300 recycling stations installed across the municipality.

The increase has meant the city will receive triple the amount of money it receives for its waste, thanks to the agreement with Ecoembes.

It will receive €40,000 for packaging in comparison to €15,000 two years ago and €14,000 for cardboard in comparison to €5,000 in 2015.

The council expressed its greatest thanks to residents for their collaboration and reminded of the importance of recycling for sustainable development and its seven benefits:

  • Financial benefit
  • Conservation of resources
  • Energy saving
  • Community building
  • Jobs creation
  • Strong economy
  • Environmental protection
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