Refresh your rug

Refresh your rug
It’s time to fluff your rugs back up to their prime

YOU´VE accepted that autumn is upon us and have taken your rugs out of storage, it’s time to fluff them back up to their prime look. Brushing and vacuuming may be enough for barely flattened rugs, but deep dents need more attention. Try RTN’s vinegar and water remedy:

1. Spray the affected rug areas with vinegar and water. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Make sure to cover the whole area with liquid, but don’t saturate the rug so that it’s soaking wet.

  1. Let the cleaner sit on the carpet for 10-30 minutes.Give the mixture time to work on the fibres of the rug. Give it at least ten minutes, or wait about half an hour for deep impressions.Vinegar is often used as a cleaning solution, so the area you spray may end up cleaner than the rest of your rug.

    3. Blot up the liquid with a towel.Grab a clean, white towel and gently press it into the wet rug. Blot the rug until the majority of the liquid has been soaked up. Don’t press too hard or you’ll flatten the rug out again.

    4. Scrape the rug with the edge of a spoon. Hold a spoon so the edge is against the area of rug you’re fluffing. Pressing the spoon into the rug, scrape it across it in straight lines. This will cause the rug fibres to spring up straight again.

Allow the rug to dry before you walk or put anything on it.

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