Refugees find new homes

Refugees find new homes
Refugees find new homes

A TOTAL of 164 refugees have arrived in Spain from Greece as part of the European Union’s relocation plan.  Fifteen of them will be welcomed in Murcia.

All of this current group of refugees have come from war-torn Syria, with 115 being of Syrian nationality, 42 Iraqi, one from Yemen and six others classed as stateless citizens.  They are made up of 74 men, 24 women and 66 children.

All the refugees arrived on the same aircraft at Barajas Airport in Madrid and have been moved to a wide selection of towns and cities across the country.  The 164 will be welcomed in Álava (10), Asturias (4), Avila (5), Barcelona (13), Cáceres (4), Cantabria (6), Girona (8), Guipúzcoa (2), Huesca (1), Madrid (36), Murcia (15), La Rioja (9), Salamanca (8), Seville (6), Segovia Tarragona (5), Valencia (9), Valladolid (7), Vizcaya (5) and Zaragoza (8).

Since the humanitarian programme of relocation of refugees began, Spain has taken 1,888 people, and all have and will benefit from support with accommodation, legal assistance, social care and counselling, schools, healthcare, language learning and job training.

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