Residents left disappointed after meeting with mayor

Residents left disappointed after meeting with Mayor
WAITING PATIENTLY: Residents hope that a resolution can still be achieved Photo credit Costa Nova Owners and Residents Group

THE Costa Nova Owners and Residents Group met again this week to further discuss the issues and implications of the Costa Nova Park and Ride Pilot, its rapid deployment and the current consequential effect to the Costa Nova Community.

The Group were delighted to be joined by Javea Mayor Jose Chulvi, Councillor Kiko Mata and Steve Cooper of Euratex, the company that carried out a fire risk assessment on behalf of residents – no assessments came from the council.

The resident’s opposition to the car park at Costa Nova includes issues relating to the lack of consultation, health and safety (fire risks, sanitation and traffic management problems) the destruction of a public green zone and insufficient investigation into alternative solutions to the closure of the car park park at la Granadella.

The car park has allowed over 130 cars to park whist the occupants use two free shuttle buses transporting them some 4 kilometresto la Granadella.

The meeting commenced with a review of activity to date, followed by Steve Cooper giving a summary of the European Standard Fire Risk Assessment that Euratex carried out.

Steve explained the highly hazardous nature of what had been done and the necessity to bring the car parking area up to approved European standards.

A petition with 652 signatures was presented to the mMayor to highlight the serious and strong opposition to the car park.

An open forum of questions and answers followed and the mayor and the councillor revealed that they did not believe it necessary to consult residents on the creation of the car park as the law allowed the Council to use 40 per cent of any green zone in Javea for the purpose of parking.

However, they conceded that going forward, Costa Nova residents will be engaged and invited to future meetings.

The mayor and the councillor said that two alternative sites had been considered but the Costa Nova site was chosen as the lower cost option and they also believed fewer residents would be impacted.

They said that the police visit the car park evert 20 minutes, a claim which was strongly refuted by residents living close by.

The mayor said that the council is no longer encouraging tourism to Javea in an attempt to control numbers, but residents said he failed to see that the park and ride pilot was advertising la Granadella and making it more accessible, resulting in dangerously high numbers to the small cove.

The mayor and the councillor offered to see people individually, expressing an open-door policy.

After the meeting, attendees fed back to say they did not feel their questions were answered satisfactorily. Many were shocked by the answers given, the lack of consideration towards safety and well being and the council’s blatant denial of facts.

Residents were left feeling that their concerns are not of high priority for the Council although it is hoped that a resolution can still be achieved.

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