Returning Marbella to its former glory

Returning Marbella to its former glory
Mayor Muñoz addressing the Marbella Local Police Photo Credit: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

THERE can be no suggestion that new Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz and her council have not hit the ground running as they take action to clean up the city’s reputation.

Within a matter of days, she has made it clear that she intends for Marbella to regain its status as a reputable and safe place for residents and visitors and will not put up with practises which please the few to the detriment of the many.

Worried by the reputation that Puerto Banus has recently had, with bands of drunken youths moving from bar to bar, prostitutes blatantly offering their wares and some violence on the streets, the mayor has reacted to complaints from the local trader’s association.

Banus has for years been considered an upmarket area with some of the most important brands opening shops in the marina which attract the rich and famous from around the world but it has been said that at least 10 companies are thinking of closing.

A deputation from the council has already spoken local traders and has agreed to meet on a regular basis with the aim of implementing new policies to improve the security, cleanliness and image of the area.

The mayor has had a formal meeting with the Local Police pledging her support for the organisation, stating “Marbella has a very good Local Police and the fact that at some point there has been some dysfunction has not been for lack of professionalism, which is absolute, but was du eto poor  management .”

There are clearly a number of areas where the new council believes that the previous incumbents had fallen down, especially in promoting the sophisticated image of the city and this is personified in the decision it has taken with regards to the Sisu Boutique Hotel just outside of San Pedro Alcantara.

The advertising for this hotel makes it clear that it is aimed at the young, clubbing end of the spectrum where money is not a major factor but partying is!

Hundreds of complaints from local residents about noise had allegedly been ignored by the former mayor with pool party’s and pumping music taking place day and night which caused distress and irritation in the local area.

Now there will be no new music licence granted to the hotel which means that bookings may be reduced although in fairness, there are still plenty of beach bars along the coast where it is possible to spray champagne and listen to loud music.

It is clear however that the new mayor has her own agenda which she intends to implement at the earliest possible opportunity to make Marbella a better place.

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  1. This is all great news on the social front, But perhaps the Mayor could start on the simple aesthetic issues around Marbella like keeping the pavements free from 2meter high weeds that grow out of them so we can walk on them at least. The overgrown trees and shrubbery around Marbella is a major issue and a tree cull is badly needed. The stunning sweeping palm entrance we had here in Elviria has all but gone due to lack of maintenance and all we have left to show for it is palm Stubbs, such a waste to a lovely up and coming community!!


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