Couple plead for return of camera containing photos of their late son

Sad loss of pictures of a deceased son
Lynn, Russell and Brendon on his 19th birthday – this is the sort of picture that means so much to them

A THIEF broke into the Estepona home of Lynn and Russell Davies for the second time in a year and ripped away their memories.

The burglar took a camera containing pictures of severely disabled son Brendon who passed away on April 18 2016 as well as the couple’s passports and some jewellery which Lynn had inherited from her late mother.

Lynn fought back the tears as she explained to RTN that the couple had willingly devoted all of their time to caring for Brendon and in the 19 years of his life, they had never had a holiday but had finally saved enough to allow them to take a short cruise later this month.

Whilst they are devastated by the loss of two memory cards which were full of pictures of Brendon, they are also hit heavily in the pocket as having obtained new passports for the trip, they have to find another €270 for replacement passports with no guarantee that they will be received back from the UK in time.

There is an option of obtaining emergency documents from the British Consulate but that will cost a further €234 all due to the selfish actions of a petty criminal.

It is easy to be wise after the event and Lynn bitterly regrets leaving a full memory card in the camera case which was stolen as it was that which contained so many of the couple’s memories of their cheerful fighter of a son.

The severely disabled Brendon was born in the Costa del Sol and surprised many by managing to live until the age of 19 thanks to the dedicated care given to him by his parents but he finally succumbed to his disabilities and the funeral service was attended by a large number of mourners at a ceremony held at the Santo Cristo de la Veracruz Crematorium Estepona two days after his death.

Brendon’s parents are enthusiastic dancers and always ensured that he was part of anything that they did and supporters like singer Antony Wolfson who alerted the paper to their plight and Tim Knight did all that they could to help the family, even raising funds through charitable events which set aside costs towards his funeral.

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