Shell-covered pots

Shell-covered pots
MIX IT UP: You might prefer to go for more colourful shells or keep it neutral

SHELL-COVERED pots are great if you’re struggling to let go of the summer, bringing the beach into (or directly outside of) your home even if you live inland. They add a gorgeously breezy oceanic touch to your plants.

Tools and materials:

Selection of shells

Kitchen paper

Terracotta flower pot

Tile cement

Old kitchen knife

Seed beads

  1. If the shells need cleaning, scrub them thoroughly and drain on kitchen paper. Clean the pot, then spread tile cement thickly over a section of the side.
  2. Arrange the shells in the cement, according to your own design, embedding them deeply.
  3. If the cement is too obtrusive for your taste, sprinkle on shimmery seed beads or ground up shells while the surface is still sticky. Shake off any excess.
  4. It is easier to apply the shells to the pot in sections. You can let the pot rest completely on its side as the completed section dries before starting on the next.
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