Spanish footballers in rental ‘fraud’

Sofía Farmer FC has so far not commented on the Córdoba players' claims

TWO YOUNG Spanish footballers have left a club in Northern Ireland after complaining about the state of their accommodation.

Álex Gil and Toni Jiménez – both from Cordoba – were taken on by the Portuguese manager of Sofía Farmer FC and part of the deal was for them to be found somewhere to live.

What they were provided with was a house that initially had no electricity with broken beds and dirty mattresses, and for that pleasure they were charged the princely sum of €550 a month in rent.  However, it wasn’t long before they found out that the club was allegedly renting the flat for only €363 and keeping the balance.  This was only discovered after the Spanish players accidentally found a copy of the contract when they were cleaning.

“It was clearly a fraud, and all that after having been dumped and left to our fate in a strange town from the moment we arrived,” complained Álex Gil. “But thanks to the hospitality of other Spaniards in the area, we didn’t have to sleep on the street.

“We spent 12 days trying to find the money to eat, and in the end we realised we’d been ‘had’ and went home to Spain.”

Sofía Farmer FC has so far not commented on the Córdoba players’ claims.

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