Subbuteo table football success

Subbuteo success
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

JAVEA´S newly-formed Subbuteo club has experienced remarkable success and recently announced its first tournament as a member of WASPA (World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association) will be held this Saturday.

The MontGoal tournament will be the first of many to be held on a monthly basis at the Palau Municipal D’Esport.

The World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association is an alternative circuit of tournaments for Subbuteo table football players and clubs from around the world – with 44 countries already having joined.

The tournament will be held from 10.00am – 2.00pm and the club meets every Saturday at the same time.

Novices are welcomed along with seasoned Subbuteo players of all nationalities.

For more information, head down to the Palau Municipal D’Esport on Saturday or get in touch with Pascual – 654 887 301 / [email protected].

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