Terrace restrictions on the table

Terrace restrictions on the table
Cartagena´s town hall Photo credit: Flickr

CARTAGENA’S local governing party, the Partido Popular (PP) will be bringing in new laws to restrict the amount of bar and restaurant terraces.

The problem has been caused by an increase of more than 40 per cent over the past few years in the amount of businesses in the hospitality industry opening that use outside terrace space; space that is becoming a premium and has resulted in complaints from local residents.  The PP has decided that they need to act and carry out a review of current regulations at the next plenary session.  They will undertake to consult with local business owners and representatives of the hotel industry before presenting new initiatives.

Whilst appreciating that the openings of new bars and restaurants has boosted the local economy and has generated employment, the PP explained that a happy medium has to be in place to balance that with the needs of local people who see more and more of their roads and pavements being overtaken by tables and chairs.

Once the new plans are implemented, there will also be an increase in the number of officials patrolling the areas ensuring they are complied with.

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