That sinking feeling

DANGER: Shoppers walking over the underground canal. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja

DESPITE all the warning signs placed around the area, more than 100 cars are still parking in an area of La Mata that is in danger of sinking.

Locals know the space as the location of the weekly Wednesday market in La Mata and in the summer used as a car park for the influx of summer residents and tourists using the apartments and the nearby beach.

The centre sections of the car park that are situated above the canal are clearly marked in yellow but appear to be no deterrent to the drivers who ignore them. The frustration for the local authorities is that allegedly no action is being taken by local police who, in other locations with similar parking warnings, wouldn’t hesitate in imposing fines and physically removing the offending vehicles.

This problem is not new as the owners of the land – Patrimonio del Estado – were informed, back in 2003 when concerns were first noticed about the potential subsidence of the area, that the car park was illegal.

In May this year, Torrevieja council issued a notification preventing the market that sees 160 stalls and thousands of people visiting every Wednesday but it continues unabated.

Councillor Javier Manzanares said the problem is the lack of enforcement of the law by the police who, in the summer months, can’t be everywhere.

A new location is being sought for the La Mata market and consultations with local business people and residents are taking place.  The most popular suggestion is to relocate the market close to the Avenida de los Europeos

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