The beginning of the road for the N-332

: AGREEMENT: Central government assumes responsibility for N-332 works Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja

TORREVIEJA Mayor José Manuel Dolón has said that the Ministry for Development will now be designing the project that will at long last see the widening of the N-332 as it passes by the city.

Making the announcement, he said that it will once and for all put an end to the ‘fabrications’ that the previous Partido Popular (PP) administrations have used to explain why nothing has been done over the years.

Dolon said that he has received a letter from the Ministry stating that they will be taking full responsibility for the project and the construction work.  “The public has been conned; they [the PP] have played games with the interests of Torrevieja and have done tremendous damage to the life of the municipality and the area,” he said, before publicly displaying all the letters that he had sent to a number of different institutions and a list of ‘phone calls made to get this problem sorted once and for all.

Dolon expressed his thanks to the ministry for all their help in attempting to resolve the matter and has placed at their disposal all the necessary technical and human resources at the town hall.

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