The Costa del Sol Adventures – Part 5

Costa del Sol Adventures - Part 5
Picture Credit: Ben J Hartley

JACK LEVY, top Hollywood Producer and victim of a mid-air crime, has sent his heavy after the jewels. Meanwhile our hero Costa del Sol is about to make a stunning discovery.

Costa found the building called Michelangelo easily enough but the entrancegates were all locked. It was siesta time, hot and hazy, and Costa decided there was nothing for it but a cold beer.

Between the block and the noisy beach was a fairground, covered up and shabby. Costa sat on the edge of the dodgem track, sipped and stared.

One day he would write his memoirs. Tell the truth about Alicante´s Battle of the Espetos, or what really happened with the rasta weavers in Torremolinos.

And then he saw him. All in black, crash helmet on, visor down. It was the limp and the mountain dust on his leather trousers that told Costa everything he needed to know. Draining the beer, Costa saddled up and cruised out of the gravel car park, joining the traffic three cars back from his mark, also on a bike.

They drove away from the beach. Costa didn´t know the town well and wasn´t sure where they were until he read what was written on the archway the man had vanished through.


Small, walled in.

Costa grabbed the first flowers he saw and followed. The man in black stopped in front of a four-leveltomb and took off his crash helmet, revealing one of the most fascinating women Costa had seen in his life.

As she shook out her long hair Costa caught the glint of a ring before a great hulk materialised and got the woman in a hold. The pair disappeared behind the grey tomb wall.

When Costa came to where the woman had been standing he saw the marks of her heels in the dust. On the ledge in front of a grave marked Pedro Ramirez he saw a diamond ring.

The woman or the ring?

Costa made his choice.

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