The secret to the perfect shave

The secret to the perfect shave

DOES your morning shave seem more like a chore than a pleasure? For many men, staving off stubble is just another step in a.m. drudgery, not to mention a source of skin irritation and razor burn.

Once upon a time, though, shaving was an art form, and barbers were the purveyors of the perfect shave. With the right tools, tips, and techniques, that perfect shave can be yours every morning.

  1. Use a gel.
    You can use fancier, more expensive products, but the shaving gels sold in the supermarket will give you just what you need.
  2. Pick a razor with multiple blades and some heft.
    A straight razor works best, but there’s a trial-and-error learning curve involved that could lead to nicks and cuts. For the next best thing, try a razor with at least two parallel blades in a disposable head.
  3. Shave in the direction of your natural growth.
    Never shave against the hair, especially in the neck area – it’s a big no-no to go against the hair. Always shave with the hair.
  4. Shave more than once.
    The first time is to get rid of the hair. The second time is to get a closer cut, and the third time is to give a light exfoliation over the skin.

5. Consider electric for sensitive skin.
If skin irritation and razor burn are consistent problems, an electric razor might be a good choice. If you want to stay with traditional wet shaving, consider shaving on alternate days and be sure to shave only with the grain of the hair.

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