There but for the Grace of God

There but for the Grace of God
Caption: The scene where the death took place Photo Credit: Google Maps

A NUMBER of adults and children were sitting outside a kiosk in Benalmadena on October 17 last year when a car ploughed into them.

Five adults and a two-year-old were seriously injured whilst a sixth person, a Ukrainian mother aged 35 who was there with her five-year-old daughter was killed outright.

It is understood that the mother who died had originally intended to go to a different park with her child but was persuaded that it would be better to make her way to the Avenida Estrella del Mar as she could sit by the kiosk and watch her little girl in the playground.

Police who attended the scene arrested a 44-year-old gardener from Churriana who when tested was found to have three times the permitted amount of alcohol in his blood stream and had allegedly almost caused two earlier accidents prior to losing control of his Peugeot 206.

According to the prosecutor in this case, investigations have shown that he nearly ran over a pedestrian on a zebra crossing before swerving into the path of another car on a roundabout and then having lost control, mounted the pavement.

Reconstructions suggest that the car was travelling at 80 kmh in a 30kmh area when it smashed into the innocent families enjoying a quiet day next to a child’s playground.

The case is now in court and the driver of the car, a repeat offender, is facing eight separate charges with the most serious being death by reckless driving which carries a sentence of four years imprisonment, a six year driving ban and loss of his licence.

In addition, his insurance company is likely to be instructed to pay out €370,000 in compensation to the family of the woman who died and those who were injured.

The devastated husband Salvador Cubiles has started a petition on asking for support for his suggestion that a special plaque be erected by the Benalmadena Council at the site of the death of his wife Alona.

So far the appeal has collected 1,030 signatures but he is desperate to boost this to 3,500 and anyone who wants to respect the wishes of this bereaved husband who now has to care for his young daughter without her mother should visit and type in Alona in the search engine.

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  1. I’d like to take umbrage with the title of this article. I’d like to think the journalists working on the newspaper do not assume that all readers believe in imaginary powers in the sky.
    I think your title for this article is crass and is worthy of a Christian newspaper and not a publication that one feels should be secular in its approach especially as it is reaching out to a wide range of expats in Spain. The tragic events of this story are due to bad luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Suggesting some made up inter-stellar being was involved does not strike me as “fact-checked” journalism.


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