Tiger mosquitos taking their toll on neighbours

Tiger mosquitos taking their toll on neighbours
A PROLIFERATE PEST: If you come across a tiger mosquito infestation, report it to your local council immediately Photo credit Pixabay

NEIGHBOURS of Beniajan and Puente Tocinos have demanded that Murcia City Council proceeds to eliminate the plague of tiger mosquitos that have set up home in the areas.

The demands are supported by Councillor Margarita Guerrero who said they “have not been acted upon” and the “the city must proceed to eliminate this pest and review the areas where they are proliferating.”

Tiger mosquitos closely associate with humans (rather than living in wetlands) and typically fly and feed in the daytime as well as at dusk and dawn.

Tiger mosquitos can transmit  many viral pathogens, including the yellow fever virus, dengue fever, and Chikungunya fever, as well as several filarial nematodes such as Dirofilariaimmitis. They are capable of hosting the Zika virus and considered a potential vector for Zika transmission among humans.

If you come across an infestation, report it to your local council immediately.

The following steps can be taken to prevent infestations:

  • Do not leave containers outside which can collect water or if you have to leave them outside, empty twice a week, put upside down. This includes: toys, ashtrays, vases, buckets, drums, dishes under pots, pet dishes, plastic swimming pools , etc.
  • Avoid accumulation of water in drainage areas or drainage gutters.
  • Avoid holes and depressions in the ground where water can accumulate and cover the holes in the trunks of trees filling them with sand.
  • Protect wells and cisterns with mosquito nets.
  • Properly maintain the water in swimming pools by means of chlorination and if possible keep them covered while not in use. Try to ensure that the tarpaulins and plastics covers installed do not accumulate water.
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