University of life

University of life
Hipolito Zapico: encourages everyone to enroll

THE REGISTRATION period for enrolling for courses at the Popular University is open until Tuesday, September 12.

Hiplito Zapico, Councillor for Education, explained, “after the first enrolment period for language courses, dance, music, craft and other concluded on July 14, a second enrolment period is now open for those who are not registered in the municipality.”

Those interested in enrolling in one of these workshops and who are not registered in the municipality will have until Tuesday to submit their paperwork.  Councillor Zapico commented, “during the 2016/2017 academic period we had about 2,000 students, and we hope to increase this number thanks to the introduction of new workshops next year, as we did this year with the creation of the violin or electric guitar course and a Japanese workshop.”

The councillor added the prices of workshops and courses will remain the same as last year, although the payment method has been simplified.  Councillor Zapico explained now, “users who want to can now pay for the course in full or quarterly, bringing savings for users.”

He concluded he wanted to “encourage residents and locals to find out about the great variety of courses offered by the Popular University, with workshops for all ages and tastes, as well as invite them to send us their suggestions on new courses they would be interested in.”

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