Valldigna Golf Society back on the green

Valldigna Golf Society back on the green
THE PERFECT DAY FOR IT: The weather was slightly cooler with a gentle breeze Photo credit Valldigna Golf Society

32 Valldigna Golf Society players lined up on the green at La Galiana Campo de Golf recently for a home match.

The order of the day was four ball match play with two, 2-person teams facing off. In fact, that is where the name “four ball” comes from: In a four ball match, there are four golf balls in play on each hole.

There are several big team tournaments in professional golf that use four ball match play as one of their competition formats: the Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup and Solheim Cup.

Players were split into two teams – the ‘Bears’ and the ‘Bulls’.

The Bulls came out on top, winning 5.1/2 to 2.1/2.

Lorraine Murphy said: “We had a few talent scouts planted amongst us obviously trying to get a heads up on our team for the 28th but, as with all teams with big matches coming up, we didn’t show our full hand. Sorry Edetania lads, you’ll just have to wait for the big day.”

Nearest the pin winners were:

Hole 3 – Mike Zucker

Hole 5 – Peter Nunn

Hole 14 – Rob Spray

Hole 15 – Keith White

Hole 16 – Tigger

Hole 17 – Steve Arnold

The Longest Drive in 2 on the 11th went to Ralph Borthwick and The Longest Drive on the 12th went to Dick Cresswell.

This month’s lucky winner of the Lost Balls competition was leader Peter Nunn, who guessed that La Galiana would claim back 129 balls from the society

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