What a load of rubbish in Torrevieja

TO THE DUMP: Torrevieja still without its own official dumping ground. Photo credit: Wikipedia

DURING the month of August, Torrevieja exceeded its normal capacity of the amount of rubbish collected by almost 200 tonnes.

The city generated 6,300 tonnes last month which was 4 per cent more than in 2016 and so much was collected that Torrevieja had to ask neighbouring areas of Elche, Murcia and Xixona if they could use their rubbish dumping facilities on an almost daily basis.

Torrevieja has no official landfill and this has led to potential serious problems during the summer months.  The company that collects the rubbish has an agreement with a plant in Elche to take the waste on a daily basis, but that pact is subject to a daily limit of tonnage received.  Almost each day during August, that limit was exceeded and they were forced to look for alternative sites that would take the extra amounts.

This recent experience has highlighted the fact that an area as large as Torrevieja needs its own municipal dump which was originally planned up to ten years ago but was stopped due to legal reasons.  At that time, it was the only area in the Valencian community without an authorised landfill…and that is still the case.

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