Where did you get that ant?

MYSTERIOUS: Did an insect impregnate the Lady of Elche? Photo credit: Wikipedia

ELCHE’S most famous piece of sculpture, La Dama de Elche (The Lady of Elche) has become the subject of a Twitter debate.

A visitor to the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid was looking at the iconic bust kept inside a case when all of a sudden he noticed an ant crawling over the glass.  He immediately started to film the insect on his mobile phone and placed it on his social media accounts.  He also sent a Tweet wondering how this was possible as the display case is supposed to be hermetically sealed from the outside elements.

The visitor, tweeting under the name of JColosus (@MisterAllnut), raised his concern with one of the officials at the museum but allegedly didn’t receive an adequate explanation.

Needless to say, his Tweet received immediate reaction with 91 retweets and 58 likes in a matter of hours. The main complaint questioned the way the heritage of Elche is being treated.

This latest issue comes at a time when the controversy over the return of the bust to its home in Elche in which the mayor, Carlos González, as asked for a temporary transfer for the second half of 2018.  The mayor has asked for an explanation as to how the seal had been breached by this ant from the National Archaeological Museum.

Interestingly, RTN checked out the Twitter account at the centre of this story and found that although the account was genuine, the Tweet appeared to have been deleted.

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