You’re never too old to start a new business…

You’re never too old...
Over 45´s make up a large number of the workforce across the globe

LATEST statistics show that more people over the age of 45 have started their own business in the Murcia region.

Since 2011, that age group has accounted for just over half of those that have set up new ventures, many of whom lost their jobs when the economic crisis began to bite in 2008 or have simply been ignored in the current labour market because of their age.

The organisation RETA – which is a special scheme for self-employed workers in Murcia – showed that from a total of 98,000 registered with them, 51.755 came from the over 45s and up 4 per cent on last year.  RETA believes that this current trend is a reflection that companies are looking to take on younger workers, plus that the older workers believe that they have experience to offer and have thus established their own business rather than wait for the call of others to employ them.

President of the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA) in Murcia, Yolanda Paredes, also considers that these older people are more likely to succeed as entrepreneurs because of the knowledge gained from their professional experience. “It’s a very good age to set up on your own, as many of these people have gained valuable experience in the private sector and know what they’re doing,” she said. “They, in turn, can also be a valuable source of job creation too as the success of their enterprises results in expansion.”

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