A bilingual lawyer who understands expatriates and Spanish law

A bilingual lawyer who understands expatriates and Spanish law
Founder and Director of Lawbird Antonio Flores

ANTONIO FLORES founded the Marbella based lawyers Lawbird 15 years ago and his practice works predominantly for English speaking clients.

He was educated in the English system and is totally bilingual as are the majority of the company staff which includes a brother who is a partner in the firm and his sister who is an expert in immigration matters.

Antonio qualified as a lawyer in Madrid and therefore is registered to practice in Spain but because of his unusual understanding and command of English, he has become a popular choice for English speaking clients who need to receive legal advice in Spain.

The company specialises in litigation work particularly with regards to claims against banks where individuals lost their deposits which were lodged with builders and developers who may have gone into liquidation.

Unless the money was placed in a protected account, the banks have been declared liable to refund the lost deposits and although they tend to try to fight any claims, in the long term, Antonio expects to be able to win the majority of cases for his clients although patience will be necessary.

Another area of interest for the company is the large number of mis-sold equity relief mortgages and 12 of his clients have recently recovered €6 million from a British company.

It is alleged that a number of European companies wrongly advised many British and Irish nationals that they would save inheritance tax by taking a mortgage and then interest rates shot up and in some cases properties were claimed by the lenders, so Lawbird has been active in fighting foreclosures.

Overall, the company offers a complete legal service to expatriates and can assist in any legal matter including obtaining NIE and Social Security numbers as well as setting up companies and dealing with house sales.

Antonio Flores enjoys his work and understands the frustrations that some expats suffer with the slower way in which the Spanish system can work but with a foot in both camps, this qualified lawyer with two children and a love of cycling is able to navigate the sometimes difficult waters between the two mind sets.

With an office in the heart of Marbella, and an easy to navigate website, it is easy to learn more about the services offered by visiting www.lawbird.com.

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