All aboard the haircut bus

ON THE MOVE: The ‘Pelobus’ bringing dignity to the disadvantaged. Photo credit: Twitter

THE Trinitario Casanova Foundation and the Messengers of Peace organisations combined forces to bring to the people mobile hairdressing with a difference.

During this week, the ‘Pelobus’ (Hairbus)  – a bus converted into a hairdressing salon – toured the region and allowing the most disadvantaged to have a haircut.  They visited Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca.

Father Ángel, the president of the Messengers of Peace said when announcing this initiative: “Pelobus is a project that seeks to give many people a little of their dignity back by making them look smarter with a fine haircut.”  He also praised the solidarity of the many hairdressers and barbers in the region who have offered their time to help those who are struggling financially and can’t afford a professional haircut.  A smarter look can also help many that are seeking employment and looking to make a better impression at interviews.

“There are many people over recent years that have understandably concentrated on spending spare cash on clothes and shoes, but have never visited a hairdresser,” said Father Angel. “People, sadly, can be poor but they should never have to lose their dignity.”

The ‘Pelobus’ is provided by a transport company based in Gijón and transformed into a unisex hairdressing salon thanks to a €40,000 contribution from the Trinitario Casanova Foundation.  The money went toward the adaptation of the bus, the purchase of equipment to fit out the salon, and the day-to-day maintenance costs and hiring of staff.

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