Alleged human traffickers detained

CHLEF: Home of many of the illegal Algerian immigrants Photo credit: Twitter

OFFICERS of the National Police in Cartagena have detained two people for allegedly transporting migrants into the Murcia region.

The two men – aged 26 and 40 and holding Algerian nationality – were charged with the crimes of threatening behaviour and against the human rights of foreign citizens.

Those arrested were allegedly in charge of the vessel as well as guarding the transported immigrants in the boat in Algeria during the days prior to departure for the Spanish mainland.  The immigrants are given a severe lecture as to how they must behave and what they must say if they’re caught by the Spanish police and they are under a threat of death to themselves and their families if they waive from these orders.

Those behind this illegal trafficking of migrants usually charge anything between €600 and €1,000 and play on the naivety of people living in small fishing villages who are convinced by the traffickers they are heading for a bitter life in Europe.

The detainees are believed to be part of an international organisation dedicated to human trafficking whose main customers are Algerian living in the province of Chlef.

During 2017 to date, a total of 39 boats have reached the shores of Cartagena containing more than 300 people of which only 30 have been women.

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