Another ‘forgotten city’ in Cartagena

Another ‘forgotten city’ in Cartagena
Residents demand at least one bus every hour Photo credit: PxHere

RESIDENTS of an urbanisation in Cartagena have complained to the local authorities that they are being ignored and marginalised.

Those living on the Residencial Buenos Aires, alongside the N-332, in Molinos Marfagones are demanding more infrastructure and local services, and are especially asking for more than the six daily buses that serve their area.  Letters and various petitions have been sent to both local and regional governments that have allegedly been greeted with total inaction.

There are more than 300 residents living on the urbanisation, and they believe that their most pressing concern is that of local transport stating that only six buses a day to take people into the city is unacceptable.

The demand is for a least one bus every hour as at present they’re forced to walk along the main N-332 road to access the nearest bus stop and with all the associated dangers.  A spokesperson for the residents said: “So far, there hasn’t been any accident to a pedestrian but it could happen at any time.”

According to the residents, the only response they have had in respect of their claims for extra buses is that such a service would be run at a loss with not enough people using them.

Other concerns relate to the lack of cycle lanes, poor condition of the roads, a lack of street lamps and road signs and speed bumps among a long and growing list.

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