Attempted insurance fraud after ‘stolen’ farm machinery sold

Attempted insurance fraud after ‘stolen’ farm machinery
Guardia Civil discover alleged insurance fraud Photo Credit: Pxhere

A MAN has been arrested in Murcia after claiming a piece of farm machinery was stolen… when in fact he had previously sold it.

The man reported the theft immediately after he’d sold a tractor, its trailer, and other pieces of equipment used for the cultivation of vegetables on a farm in the small Murcian village of Sangonera la Seca.

Officers from the Guardia Civil put ‘Operation Detractor’ into operation and began an investigation but were immediately suspicious following their first visit to the farm where the alleged robbery had taken place.  They discovered that there were a number of debts in the business and there had been a series of disagreements over money between the two partners who had supposedly been the victims of the theft.

Such information led the investigators to change course and began to concentrate on the complainant himself.  They suspected that he had sold the machinery to profit from that operation and also collect on the insurance money.

Eventually, the Guardia Civil managed to locate the ‘stolen’ tractor and all the other equipment on a farm in Caravaca de la Cruz and verified that it had been sold illegally.

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