Benalmadena diploma day

Diploma day
BACK TO WORK: 200 train for their return to work. Photo Credit: Max Pixel

BENALMADENA COUNCIL has handed out certificates to young people who took part in an employment drive.

The town’s Mayor, Victor Navas, gave out the diplomas alongside the Councillor for Employment, Beatriz Olmedo, to the scheme’s participants.  Mayor Navas commented, “the council is fully satisfied with the work of the 200 participants in working to improve their professional experience and facilitate their return to the labour market.”

Councillor Olmedo added, “thanks to the contribution of these workers we have been able to tackle projects and initiatives that could not have been undertaken by the council’s human resources department.” She told the participants, who were aged 30 and under, “on behalf of the council I thank you for the willingness and enthusiasm with which you have faced your tasks, and I encourage you to continue with your training and taking advantage of the tools offered by various organisations to start businesses or improve your professional training.”

She added, “the objective of this project was to improve the employability of job seekers in the municipality, acquiring professional skills through work experience carrying out social and community projects in Benalmadena.”

The project, which lasted for 15 months, saw 200 people employed in five or six month contracts.  Councillor Olmedo concluded, “the Employment Department will continue working to increase the employment opportunities for residents.”

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