Benidorm drug dealers arrested

Drug dealers arrested in popular resort
LESSONS IN VIOLENCE: Rival dealers were controlled with the use of baseball bats

THE National Police have dismantled a gang of drug-dealers in Benidorm that beat and extorted rival small-scale dealers in the Rincon de Loix area of the city, popular with British holidaymakers.

The detainees – 14 Spanish and Romanian men – resorted to violence to make rivals “understand” that only they were to sell drugs in the area, according to a statement from the police.

Members of the gang were linked to nightclubs in the area, some of them were even bouncers, “controlling” the supply of cocaine, ecstasy, hashish, marijuana and MDMA.

Victims of the gang have been hospitalised with broken backs, noses and head injuries – the gang favouring the use of baseball bats to “teach them a lesson.”

The dismantling of the gang was carried out over several days and involved over 60 National Police officers.

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