Bill Gates, Steve Jobs… and me!

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs… and me!
THANK YOU: President Eric Atkins presents Peter Davies with a bottle of wine Photo credit Jacqui Rogerson

HAVE you heard the one about the defendant who told the court he had lost his memory only to be asked by the barrister to give an example of something he had forgotten?

This was just one of several real courtroom quotes told to Javea U3A members at their monthly meeting by guest speaker, corporate lawyer Peter Davies.

Peter’s anecdotes rounded off the humorous yet informative talk ‘Bill Gates, Steve Jobs… and me!’

He entertained his audience at the Parador de Javea with tales of his time working for U.S. technology companies, including an insight into the whacky world of Silicon Valley and his experiences working with Gates and Jobs, co-founders of Microsoft and Apple respectively.

He recalled how both Gates and Jobs began as hobbyists, working in the garages of their parents’ homes in the 1980s, to become the most powerful players in the technology industry and two of the richest men in the world.

Working as a corporate lawyer in the industry, Peter got a rare insight into the lives of the two magnates. He revealed that “neither of them had the slightest sense of humour” but were both extremely hard working, “incredibly impressive and astonishingly successful”.

Peter referred to the Gates Foundation, which has raised billions of dollars for charity, adding that Gates hated extravagance and always ensured that the money raised was spent wisely. On the other hand, Jobs never publicly made any donations to charity, never wanting to be distracted from his work.

Summarising, Peter said that he found Gates to be “a relatively normal guy” while Jobs was “obsessed with simplicity”.

Javea U3A president Eric Atkins thanked Peter for a highly interesting presentation.

Earlier Eric had paid tribute to long-serving member Ken Robinson, who passed away the previous Saturday after losing his fight with cancer.

“He was a valued member and auditor of our accounts for a number of years and he will be sorely missed,” said Eric. “Our condolences go to his wife Pat and their families.”

Treasurer Mick Cox, who had worked with Ken as deputy treasurer for three years and as treasurer for seven, described him as a “true gentleman – always kind, calm and friendly”.

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